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Budapest is a city of many restaurants, bars, ruin pubs, local bistro's and authentical places to choose where you would like to have your dinner. You might be a bit confused from the variety of choices.

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Budapest is a city of many restaurants, bars, ruin pubs, local bistro's and authentical places to choose where you would like to have your dinner.You might be a bit confused from the variety of choices.

Budapest river cruise offers you a great opportunity for your evening meal. Dinner on board of a beautiful catamaran will give you and unforgettable experience for your stay in Budapest.

Dinner is a very important meal of the day, when family, friends, business partners get together and disscus the most exciting moments of their days. Dinner cruise is the best choice to relax. You will be impressed by the great views of the city starting from Elisabeth bridge.You can choose the programme where you would like to have your dinner with your closest members. You can join us for a dinner while Piano Battle Show will open your ears for the fine tunes of classical and modern songs. The interior of the boat is built to provide a high standard and perfect service during the dinner cruise for our dear guests.

A sip of sparkling wine and a window seat during your dinner will guarantee you a feeling of endless joy and a perfect view of a Parliament, Buda Castle. Passing under the bridges which were built in the previous century are magic. The most famous bridge was the first idea of István Széchenyi who came up with an idea to unite the two banks of the city. During the summer time the pleasant walk over the bridge is one of the „to do things in Budapest”. Second option for your dinner cruise on board would be the Folklore & Operetta Show. Traditional Hungarian programme is entertaining you all night long. While your dinner is being served on boat you can listen to peaceful melodies and enjoy the illuminated city of Budapest. For course menu is served during your dinner .

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Choice between traditional Hungarian beef stew, sablefish or even a braised duck are the top meals to try on board. All of these meals are freshly prepared by our talented gallery team. Your dessert will be a tasty Somlói Galuska. The recipe goes back to 19th century because is a combination of 3 types of sponge cakes, making a perfect fusion of gastronomy. During your served dinner listed above, you will see traditional hungarian dance, folklore and much more.

Furthermore, on the top of these experiences, the company released the Dinner and Budapest with Operetta & Folklore Show in 2016.

Silverline Cruises pay special attention on the presence of the Hungarian culture as well as on the show, as Hungarian Folklore is an event no one should miss while visiting Hungary, especially on the river Danube while cruising. It can be characterized with geographical and historical diversity because of the ritual customs, which are going back to thousands of years and the national dances, the “csárdás” and “verbunk” evolving during the last centuries.

Costumes of the dancers are hand-made with different little details visible for all the art lovers. When dinner is finished an interactive part of the dancers and dear guests start. You can try how good you are in holding a bottle of Hungarian wine on the top of your head. But do not worry! If you would feel insecure and prefer to have the wine filled up in your glass that is also a good deal for our service team.

You can decide to ask for a drink package on the place of boarding if you did not do so online.You can come and join us any time of the year. Dinner cruise with Folklore & Operetta Show is available all year long.

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